Deep Collaboration



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Shared Information Resources & Tools



Group Cohesion


Group cohesion is fostered through keeping organising principles shared by having active and honest dialog tied to a clear timeline with agreed upon milestones and meeting/contact times to make sure everyone can fulfil their Individual Responsibilities:



Have rules of engagement as to how to deal with each other, posted somewhere easily available. This may be obvious to some people in the team so to make this explicit and for new members to feel that they can ask about this is important. Aspects would include:

  • What communication media to use and how.
  • What other relevant project tools to use.


Agreed on Methodologies including:



Milestones & Timeline. Milestones can be imposed by circumstance, resource availability, importance of the project or for any number of other factors. Defining milestones is important however, to make sure the project does not flounder through different participants having different ideas of when things are due and what efforts to invest when.





Commitment to clear communication where the speaker takes responsibility for being as clear and useful as possible, while also being concerned with not wasting the audiences time, and the audience makes an effort to really understand what the speaker is actually trying to communicate.





Shared information resources to align and coordinate individual efforts, as listed in the Shared Information Resources & Tools section.



Roles : How the Individual Fits In The Group


Take ownership of mutually agreed-upon roles, agree what the roles entail in the group and how to change roles.


Be accountable for the roles, actions, outcomes, attitudes and influence.