Deep Collaboration



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Individual Responsibility


Sam Hahn has developed a system for Communication and Commitment to Collaboration which provides a position on the collaborators commitments listed above. The system involves filling in and ’signing’ a commitment form.



Engagement. Active engagement, emotionally and practically, is crucial for actions to happen. Only sign up to collaborations you can fully engage with.


Self awareness and self-questioning instead of close minded. This includes actively listening to others when there is a disagreement. The reason for including this here is as a reminder that it’s crucial to take full responsibility and ownership, the successful collaborator must also accept their own limits and work with others particularly when they disagree and when it’s difficult, accepting criticism with joy – since when are realise we are wrong, is the only real time we grow.


Take full responsibility. Taking responsibility for bringing the project forward, within assigned roles and in general. This could be considered a perspective of Real Learning.