Deep Collaboration



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Shared Information Resources & Tools



Shared Information Resources & Tools


The technologies required for successful collaboration each need to support specific collaboration activities.





Central Information Repository – For all the information required for the Start of Collaboration Statement and for access to all other resources.


Glossary – A continuously up-datable glossary system


Collaboration Product – A continuously updated knowledge work product where anyone can access the status of any part of the project. This is what Doug Engelbart called the Handbook.





Chronolog/Timeline – Communications, including  meetings notes.


Action Item Tracking System – A system to track what needs to be done, by whom, by when.


Calendar – What happens when.


Shared status – Who is available and how are they doing.





Real Time – Means for holding physical and real-world meetings.


Asynchronous – System for messaging, such as email.


Documents – Means to produce, link/cite and share documents.



Foundational Requirement Aspirations


These technological infrastructures should ideally:


  • Allow for rich, quickly accessible Citations.
  • Allow for real-time annotations and temporal references, as we are attempting with the Time Browser Project.
  • Inter-operability as much as possible, such as through sneaking meta-data as URLs, as discussed in the post on Smart Symbols & URLs